TGA: A Visionary Approach to Executive Placement

Tamara Genosar and Associates is an Executive Search boutique firm with multinational capabilities. Dedicated to finding the best talent in the market for our clients while maintaining the highest standards of our profession, we are passionately committed to our clients and the professionals we represent.

With an experienced team of associates and colleagues spanning the globe, and spear-headed by Dr.Tamara Genosar, TGA develops and utilizes a wide variety of resources and relationships even after the completion of each project. We do this after conducting a thorough, in-depth analysis of our clients' needs, expectations, and corporate culture, and by investing in tools that allow us to identify excellence.

Our success is achieved by the cultivation of a deep and intimate partnership with our clients and keeping ahead of current trends and markets.

Other services offered:
With the expansion of companies to global markets, the need for local resources is critical. TGA's international experts assist in: payroll services, multi-lingual interviews, behavioral and technical testing, local business consulting, current local labor laws and recruitment processing.
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